Sigh the paradise on Jeju Island


Jeju Paradise Island is a popular tourist destination when you come to Kim Chi – South Korea because of the beautiful scenery that makes you think like a fairy.

It is a pity if you miss the 5 points below when coming to paradise island.

Hyepjae – The most beautiful beach in Korea


Hyepjae is one of the most beautiful beaches in Korea and is the most beautiful beach on Jeju Island. With no deep water and no waves, Hyepjae Beach is suitable for swimming and snorkelling. White sand, clear water and three colors interwoven between the strips of stone is a prominent feature of this beautiful beach. Sea water is a rare green color, the green color brings a strange cool eye feel.

Hallasan volcano


Situated at the center of the island, Hallasan volcano at an altitude of 1950m, is the highest mountain in South Korea has been lying for a long time. covered by over 2,000 plant species, creating lush natural forests and extensive pastures. Mt Hallasan is extremely majestic with 360 volcanic volcanoes, creating an extremely diverse landscape. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has a rich ecosystem with many rare vegetation covered by over 2,000 species of plants, creating a lush natural forest. and vast pastures.

The cliffs and slopes along the valley create beautiful natural scenery, Hallasan is always the pride of the Korean people. Spring on the mountain flowers Do Quyen racing bloom. Summer forest green. Yellow leaves, red leaves dyed in autumn. East of the land of white snow and snow, the winter of Korea covered in snow and white branches in the wind, but with visitors from the tropics are watching the snow, participating in snow games. really interesting.

Visiting the Seongup ethnic village


Located at the foot of Mount Hallasan, the village of ethnic minority village Seongup where only retains the traditional features of the ancient Korean. You can feel the life of the old Koreans with the houses built of lava stones and roofs of paintings. The special features of this village are the stone statues (Dolharubang) – the protection god of Jeju Island. Many visitors come here with the belief that good luck will come to you when you touch the statue.

Cheojiyeon Waterfalls


When traveling to Jeju Island Korea, the Cheojiyeon Waterfall is a place not to be missed. This is the only waterfall in Asia to the sea and you can clearly see two rainbows present at the foot of the falls. This unique phenomenon has a fairly simple explanation. On sunny days, water droplets pop up in the reflection of the sun, so there are two “brilliant” arcs. The white waterfalls flow down from above to create spectacular beauty and sparkling Cheonjiyeon waterfalls, attracting the eyes of all visitors to visit.

Watch the field of Jeju flowers


In the yellow flower season, you can experience horseback riding towards the top of the mountain, admiring the endless flowering fields of Jeju that create beautiful natural scenery, green roads and brilliant yellow flowers. This poetic scene, perhaps everyone has encountered in the Korean film. I took the sea smell, so that Jeju winds gradually absorbed into each fiber, so that the yellow chrysanthemum flower diffuse and peaceful watching the sun drift away.

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