Penang, Pearl of the Far East


Penang is one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. In addition to stunning scenery, Penang is also famous for its diverse attractions, from historic buildings to contemporary street art.

Penang is not only attracted by the beautiful beaches, visitors are also overwhelmed by the unique architecture and lively paintings on each of the old streets.

George Town – Art Painting


Unique features of George Town are the ancient houses mixed with many cultures. Streets of Chinese culture or colorful houses of Indian architecture. George Town also attracts visitors by countless street art (Street Art) painted by artists in every corner of the old town. 2D and 3D images combine with real objects, both fun and troll, because sometimes they do not really distinguish, so you just want to stop looking.

Kek Lok Si – The giant temple


Kek Lok Si is indeed a vast collection of towering temples, a series of monasteries and beautiful gardens. The main attraction of the temple is a seven-storeyed temple of Rama VI with a prominent golden pinnacle. The temple holds 10,000 statues of plaster and bronze statues of the Buddha. The 30.2m bronze statue of the goddess Mercy recently displayed is another highlight. Especially, when you reach the top of the pagoda, you will see the beautiful Penang panorama.

Tengah Tengah Zaharah Floating Church


Highlights at the Tanjung Bungah Coast The Tengah Tengah Zaharah Mosque is built on the water. Thus, the building is known as the Floating Mosque. The best time to visit the mosque is at sunset. Wondering the sunset at a unique architectural work is a perfect experience for a day in Penang.

Penang Bridge


Penang Island is famous for its two bridges of the same name. The first Penang Bridge is 13.5 km long. The second Penang Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia, 24 km, linking Penang Island with the Malay Peninsula. This stay bridge is 250 meters long and the boat height is 30 meters, making it easy for large vessels to pass easily, making Penang an important transportation and logistics hub. .

Khoo Kongsi


The Khoo clan is one of the largest clans in the Fujian community in Penang. Like other clans, Khoo built a great house called Khoo Kongsi. This work is still very solid, although it is more than 650 years old. The building clearly shows the influence of Chinese culture that Fujian people bring. You will see stone carvings, granite dragons, golden details and beautiful paper lanterns. For those who love history or architecture, Khoo Kongsi is a memorable stop in Penang.

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