Find The Best Boutique Hostels In London


There are many hostels and boutique hostels in London. If you travel to London and want to save money for hotels, then these London hostels and boutique hotel London are the great choice recommended for you. For sure, travelers will be satisfied with and have new interesting experience. Here is a list of the best boutique hostels in London for you to give it a look. palmers-lodge-london   Palmer’s Lodge in London Palmer’s Lodge Palmer’s Lodge is a Victorian era hostel in London that features all of the décor and amenities of the Victorian age. The baths are modern but do have the Victorian claw foot tubs. You can have a room for two that costs the same as a room for one or do the dormitory thing. Palmer’s lodge has a bar and a restaurant that features decorations and furniture from theVictorian period. Click 78 You can sleep in a Victorian era jail cell at Click 78. The décor and the beds are of course much more comfortable than a jail cell. The concept is Victorian era and the attraction is a former jail and courthouse that is an historical land mark. There is a bar, a kitchen, and free guided tours of London. Single rooms that once were court chambers are available and dormitory living in the jail is a pleasantly different experience. You are guilty of missing a unique experience if you miss Click 78. SafeStay Elephant & Castle If décor and art in an 18th century Georgian home tickles your fancy then, the purple flavor of SafeStay Elephant & Castle is for you. The blend of old and new is done perfectly in thisboutique hostel. All rooms are private with a private bath. The bar is well stocked and the garden is heated for relaxing and chatting in any weather. St. Christopher’s Inn If you want to party in London then do St. Christopher’s Inn. Their claim to fame is a constant party with a bar that is open all the time. The location is perfect for touring or business. You do not have to worry about time limits because this is not a pub. Overall, St. Christopher’s Inn is a worthy choice of the best boutique hostels in London. Still, there are many boutique hostels in London with all types of room and style for travelers to enjoy. Keep looking at and check out more information about travel tips, hotels and more.

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