Experience wild night zoo in Singapore


Singapore tourism is not just about enjoying the modern city, it also brings a unique Night Safari experience. Night Safari is a journey of exploring the animal world filled with mystery, excitement and excitement.

Unique nightlife in Lion Island

Singapore’s Night Safari was born in 1944, next to the Singapore Zoo. This is the wildlife park for the world’s first nightlife, providing a lively re-enactment of the animal’s nightlife.


The park currently has about 2,500 live animals, of more than 130 different species, including many indigenous species such as Asian elephant, Malayan frog and Malayan tiger listed as endangered. Singapore tourists will have to take a moment to get used to the dense dark space around. The zoo lighting system is designed to resemble the light of the moon, so as not to disturb the nature of the species. This amount of light is designed enough for visitors to visit and observe the animals here.

Zoo animals live on the campus of about 25 hectares of rainforest. In addition to the friendly animals that are freed, there are also more aggressive species raised after the barrier.


+ Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 72982
Ticket price: 35 SGD / person, SGD 23/1 child under 12 years old (The above tickets are included in the price of the tram / Free tickets for visitors to the zoo on the birthday)
Opening hours: 19:30 to 12:00
How to move to the zoo

If you are a Singapore tourist, you can choose to go by MRT to the zoo:
Take MRT to Choa Chu Kang Station (NS4) and take SMRT bus 927 to the zoo.
Take MRT to Ang Mo Kio and take the bus 138.
But please note that the subway system in Singapore will close at midnight. Alternatively, you can also travel to the Zoo by taxi, but the cost will be higher.

Visiting the zoo

You can visit the zoo on the tram here, but if you want to experience the feeling of relaxation rather than crowded on the ride, you can walk on the trails to see the species. Nightlife. Walking in the night at Night Safari has a strange feel that stimulates a very different, like being lost in the forest at night, where there are no humans or electric lights. You will see the animals that are active at night, must be heart-tinged by the light flashed from the eyes of some species, or chills to see the bean bumps on the cage along the road trail…


Make sure you bring the zoo map and choose your destination. You can choose to go to the Leopard Trail – famous for its large number of indigenous wildlife in Southeast Asia. Or two giant bird enclosures are also a great place to visit, as Malayan foxes and large flying squirrels float in the air.

If you choose the electric car to explore the nightlife, 40 minutes of experience on the car will help you observe the nightlife of many species such as deer, sheep, goat … Singapore tourists come here. Have a chance to cuddle these gentle animals. To the areas of wildlife such as tigers, leopards … you do not need to worry about the distance has been designed safely, but the images are alive in front of an objective eye, as if with hands out to be able to touch.

Activities at the Night Zoo

+ Watch Zoo’s “Creatures of the Night”: This live show includes many special items such as the comedy of squid, civet, otter …
+ “Safari Adventurer Tour” VIP Tour: This is a combination program that takes you both on foot and on a ride around the zoo, where guides will be with you for a fun excursion. the thing you care about, or the story of the insiders.


Gourmet Safari Express Mobile Gourmet Party: You will experience a sumptuous 5-course meal held in sparkling candles, ending with a great cocktail in the space surrounding the species. Super star animal at night zoo.

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