8 beautiful hearts in Norway


Economic development, temperate climate, abundant natural resources, majestic nature, … all these wonderful things are gathered in a Norwegian name. No wonder this country is known as the world’s most living paradise. Where it is, there are also countless beautiful attractions to keep tourists.

Traveling to Norway if you miss these destinations, you will be sorry for life!

1. Flam Village


Experience one of the world’s most exclusive, 20-km-long cruise lines, from Flam to Myrdal, to view the bay as an indispensable activity on this beautiful country. The village of Flam is located in a valley with fresh, cool climate, surrounded by rugged mountains and lush green fields. On the train, visitors will be able to see the snow mountains, waterfalls and small villages scattered at different altitudes. In addition, the train stops for visitors to experience the majesty of the two magnificent natural waterfalls Rjoandefossen and Kjosfossen.

2. City of Bergen


This world heritage site has long since become a pride in Norway while retaining its mossy style with colorful houses dating back to 1916, country. This is the perfect combination between the natural landscape and the classic Nordic architecture.

During the long autumn and winter, Bergen lavishes rain for its ancient roof tiles and glittering stone streets. On rare sunny days, Bergen is splendid in the sun: blue sea, bright green leaves show the brightest colors, glass frames glittering behind the flowers.

3. The capital of Trondheim


It is an architectural and historic city that attracts much curiosity from visitors and is also home to the former Archbishopric of Nidaros. The city lies at the point where the Nidelva River intersects with the narrow Trondheimsfjord, which is naturally obscured by the turbulent waters of the ocean. Trondheim is famous for its old warehouses on the shores of Nidelva, the famous Old Town Bridge, the Nidaros Cathedral, the Tu Tu Pagoda …

4. Geiranger Bay


Geiranger is a narrow bay recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage and one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with the narrowest and most inland sea in the world. Geiranger Bay is surrounded by pristine forests – where abandoned farms, steeply vertical steep cliffs up to 1,400m high and spectacular waterfalls flow down like falls. the silver.

5. Reine Village


The landscape of the village of Reine looks like a painting that is extremely painfully painted. This place attracts thousands of visitors every year, everyone here is amazed by the mountains covered with snow and clear blue water mysterious beautiful. The village on the island of Moskenesoya, north of the Lofoten Islands, is dominated by the red and white huts of fishermen scattered on the coast. They have a modern design but are still traditional, some have wooden columns hanging on rocky mountains or overhanging the sea.

6. City of Fredrikstad


Fredrikstad, founded in 1567 by King Frederik II, has an unusual layout, but offers a unique and unique look. With the canals connected together to form octagonal, viewed from above as the stars shimmer themselves to embrace the small city. In addition, the old red color of the house combined with the cool green of the forest as the beauty of the poetic but no less delicate.

7. City of Stavanger


Stavanger is the fourth largest port city and is located southwest of Norway, surrounded by mountains and fjords, and miles of sandy coastline. In addition, this place is also famous for the Viking tribe (a Scandinavian tribe often plundering the seas or invading many parts of northern Europe from the 8th to the 11th century), the buildings of Ancient wood with beautiful cliffs to choke. These have made Stavanger a sanctuary for adventure travelers.

8. Longyearbyen Township


It is a very strange town, because here death is considered illegal. Due to its location in the Arctic north of Norway, the soil here permanently freezes with too cold a temperature that causes the body to decompose. This has drawn polar bears and even transformed them into a source of disease. So since 1950, the law has made laws that allow people who have just passed away to be buried elsewhere by plane or ship.

One of the harshest places in the world where people live, Longyearbyen carries a wild beauty with beautiful, colorful houses, nestled in snow, each with contrasting colors that make up one. artistic scene.

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