5 most dangerous roads in Russia


Akhty-Khnov or the uplift to Ai-Petri are sloping, narrow alpine roads that are very easy to cause.

Before the Akhtsu tunnel was built connecting the city of Adler and Krasnaya Polyana in 2005, people were forced to use Krasnodar Krai – a downhill runway on the slopes. This is a 19th century road that was still in use throughout the 20th century. Running the zigzag, Krasnodar Krai is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Russia because of numerous accidents. as it took the lives of many Red Army soldiers during the Russian Civil War (1917 – 1922). Today, the road is closed, the entrance has gates, but cyclists and desperate tourists are still here to challenge themselves.


R504 Kolyma: The R504 Kolyma Highway connecting the two cities of Magadan and Yakutsk, extending 2,032 km, is one of the main supply routes in the Russian Far East. Although road builders have tried to make the road safe, the R504 Kolyma is still very dangerous. Countless sharp stones that can keep tires or dust from front cars can reduce the rear sight. This road is also vulnerable to flooding because the nearby rivers rise to paralyze traffic. During the winter, the temperature here drops to minus tens of degrees Celsius.


Baikal-Amur: This 3,819-kilometer (3,820-mile) stretch of road runs through Eastern Siberia and the Far East of Russia. This road is filled with soil and the gravel is sometimes separated by swamps and large rivers. However there are bridges spanning the river for vehicles to go forward. One of the most demanding segments is the Vitim River, which is 560 meters long and without any barriers. Large trucks passing through the bridge just a little skeptics will be in trouble immediately because the bridge is higher than the river surface of 15 m.


Road to Mount Ai-Petri: The road to Mount Ai-Petri is located in the southern Crimea Autonomous Republic, the most dangerous part of the Yalta-Bakhchisaray Expressway. The 23-kilometer-long route from Yalta to the highlands of the Ai-Petri mountain ranges up to 280 km. During winter no vehicles are allowed to pass through this route except for vehicles fitted with chain tires to increase friction.


Akhty-Khnov: A road in the Dagestan Republic (Russia) is a mountain road connecting the villages of Akhty and Knhov. Many drivers who share them sometimes are required to go “route of death” and go through countless dangerous rocks. After the steeply sloping, steeply sloping rain, it became even more frightening because of the slippery slippery conditions that made it easy for vehicles to cross.


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